Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Realms: Nesme in 1491 part 1

Nearly seven years after the city of Nesme fell to Warlord Hartusk, it is a pale reflection of the bold and defiant city from before being invaded.  The population is barely more than it was after being liberated from it’s drow and orc conquerors and still struggles to remain vigilant against the ever present threat of the trolls and bog blokes of the Evermoors.

In the wake of Nesme’s liberation, its surviving citizens set about rebuilding, again.  They are led by Speaker Helena Willcot, a trusted and well liked aide to First Speaker Jolen Firth.  Wilcot was born and raised in Nesme and her desire to see it thrive once again borders on obsession.  She is a tall woman, over forty years old, with raven-black hair, bright green eyes and a birthmark on her left hand.  She is confident, a good listener, firm, and unafraid to raise her voice when required.  The city has temporarily suspended it’s Council of Speakers, due the citizen’s trust in Wilcot and a desire to cut through bureaucracy and facilitate the rebuilding effort.  The majority of the citizens firmly believe in Wilcot’s vision for a vibrant and strong Nesme. 

The city’s primary defense are still the legendary Riders of Nesme, whose skill on horseback and bravery are the first defense against the rigors of life near the Evermoors.  Eloise DuMont , the First Rider, is a survivor of the siege and a twenty-year veteran.  Eloise is close to forty, short, with short light brown hair, chestnut eyes and the hint of freckles on her weathered face.  Though she walks with a cane, a reminder of the torments set upon her by Tiago Baenre, she has retained her phenomenal skill as a rider and mounted combatant.  However, there is a small amount of support for Third Rider Sturges Fienes, who is critical of DuMont’s obstinance in leaving the field.  Though he is aware of Dumont’s prowess, he firmly believes her injury will put herself and in turn her Rider’s in peril one day and urges her to step down and take a more administrative role, as First Marshall.  Sturges is brave and brash, but likable and well-meaning.  He is very tall and powerfully built with very short blond hair, bright blue eyes, and a hawk-like nose.

Worship within the city is divided mostly between the rebuilt Temple of Commerce devoted to Waukeen, the House of Fortitude devoted to Illmater, and the Grey Keep devoted to Helm.  Several small shrines to Auril, Chauntea, and Eldrath are maintained, as well.  

Goldeyes Hibert Werk is an active and well-regarded advisor to both Speaker Wilcot and First Rider DuMont.  He is a compassionate and stout fellow with silver hair, long sideburns and is missing his left hand, a “gift” from Tiago Baenre.  His sermons are always well-regarded and his good nature is only overshadowed by his generosity.

Before the invasion, Nesme had swelled to more than 6000 souls, but its current population is less than 1000, so space is not a commodity and less than one-third the city is in regular use. With so much space within the city at this time, many businesses have requested and received permission to expand their operations by taking over other buildings that are close by and unused.  One of these business is the Pete, Nesme’s most well-regarded tavern and inn.  Its owned by Aden and Cinnamon Leto, who run it with their three surviving children, Theodore, Thomas, and Sage.  Aden was a cook in Waterdeep and moved to Nesme, almost thirty years ago, taking a job at the Pete as cook.  Cinnamon's family owned the Pete and the two soon fell in love.  Sadly, three of their children perished during the siege and the family does it’s best to carry on.  There are portraits of Simon, Brent, and Trenton sitting over the fireplace in the main room.  

Aden is over fifty, with a large belly and a larger laugh.  He is tall and broad-shouldered with huge hands and is quite proud of his cooking.  Aden deeply love’s his adopted home despite his family’s suffering during the siege.  Cinnamon is close to 45, and still beautiful, she has a shapely figure, violet eyes, and bright red hair.  Her wit is renowned, as is her penchant for bawdy humor.  Sage is their oldest surviving child and only daughter.  She has her mother’s beauty and enjoys waiting tables and cooking deserts.  Sage is slightly taller than her mother and less curvaceous, with reddish brown hair and dark blue eyes.  Theodore and Thomas are twins and have recently become old enough to fully help run the Pete.  They are active, prone to poor decisions, and easily led.  Their sister helps to keep a constant eye on the pair.  They are both tall for their age and have red hair and light violet eyes like their mother with long gangly arms and legs.

Twice a month, Speaker Wilcot, First Rider DuMont, Goldeyes Werk and the Letos have a meeting at the Pete to discuss matters within the city. The group has come to be regarded as the Small Council and citizens will often approach any or all of them about their concerns.  While Speaker Wilcot is the clear leader of Nesme, she takes the Council’s advise seriously and is grateful for the extra help.

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