Monday, June 29, 2015

Closing Out June

I haven't done one of these since January and quite a bit has happened in five months.  I've picked up my output as I have some far reaching plans and I figured it was high time to kick this thing back into overdrive.  I've also begun planning my posts and generally getting them done early, so that has helped me quite a bit.

Outside the blog, I'm in a stretch where I'm working six days a week and am about to have another Magic: the Gathering prerelease weekend.  And then we'll be going to Gen Con for at least a day.

Summer moves WAY too fast.

I'm also going to be honest and say that the last few weeks have been harder for me to manage my anxiety.  Its been my biggest obstacle in trying to keep the blog on track and enjoy my life.  Understand, I'm glad that generally I manage it pretty well and I'm very thankful for the problems I have.  My family and I are very, very blessed and I try not to lose sight of that.

For the future I'm working up ideas for new series', still trying to get some PDF compilations set up (and centralize them for download), and I'm honestly considering exploring Patreon.  I don't do this for personal gain, but if some charitable souls want to share their sheckles with me, who am I to turn them down?

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