Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gaming ADD: The Strange

For my of my life as a Gamer and Game Master, I've had terrible Gaming ADD.

The OSR, DnD 5th Edition and 13th Age have really helped quell that in the last several years, but in the last month it's reared its ugly head.

I'm treating it by writing about some of the games I'm reading and hoping that helps.

I am a backer of both the Numenera and the Strange.  While I like quite a bit of the Cipher System, there are parts I've had trouble explaining to multiple play groups and the 9th World has been hard for me to dig into.

The Strange not only is easy for me to dig into, but its flooding my mind with possibilities.

Earth's setting is perfect for the Paranormal Hunters/Agents/Spy game I've been thinking about for awhile.  Then you add in alternate worlds and the ability to change your Focus as you shift between recursions (worlds) and it looks super sweet.

My favorite Recursions are the Gloaming (Think World of Darkness) and Atomic Nocturne (Everyones a Super, and some go real bad).

I still have concerns about explaining the system, but have worked on a character sheet to better explain Difficulty vs. Target Number and how to spend Stat Pools.

I continue to be unsure about your primary resource for cool stunts being your "hit points", but I also understand that high risk actions (spending Stat Pool Points) makes you more vulnerable (have less hit points).

I'm not sure when I'll get around to this, as my Feng Shui 2 game is going well.  But its a very attractive game.

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