Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back This: Feng Shui 2 from Atlas Games

Blow things up!  Blow things up!  Blow things up!

If I remember correctly that is the battle cry of the Jammers...imagine freedom fighters all cut from the same cloth as the Ticks' Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight!  But with Talking Apes with cyberwear as their fire support.  Apes named Battlechimp Potemkin and Furious George.

If you don't know, Feng Shui is based off of a '90's era CCG named Shadowfist.  The elevator pitch is Big Trouble in Little China the RPG.

Its based on Hong Kong action movies and involves time travel, magic, explosions, kung fu, guns, monsters, magic, explosions, demons, animals posing as humans, and just about anything else you can think of including, but not limited to explosions.  If you control enough Feng Shui sites, you control reality.  You rewrite it and dictate its very nature.  Until someone comes to burn Burn your sites.  Someone like the PC's.

Basically, its the game that let my GMing style develop, as I was more inspired by the pacing of cinema than fantasy novels.

Basically, you just need to back Feng Shui 2 and then you can thank me.

(As an aside, when you back it you get the playtest rules.  Our playtest session monday involved a criminal mastermind wanting to prevent the Umbrella Corporation in Raccoon City from rolling out cornering the market on the serum while fighting dead Presidents of the United States AND stealing the Liberty Bell.  Meanwhile, CyberApes from the future were rampaging through the city).

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