Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pelgrane Press deserves your money

I've been a fan of Pelgrane Press, since they released the Dying Earth RPG.  While I've not done much with Gumshoe yet (I'm really intrigued with the forthcoming TimeWatch), its on my list of "Games I'd like to play".

However, Pelgrane Press, in conjunction with FireOpal Media, released my beloved 13th Age.  Unlike say, Numenera, all of their promises went off without any hitches for me.  In fact, not only does their fulfillment company package books BETTER than any company I've ever worked with, but  both the regular and deluxe versions of 13th Age arrived a bit ahead of schedule.

And when it comes to the Kickstarter of 13 True Ways, there is wonderful level of communication and access to playtest files.  Things have gone so well, I preordered the 13th Age Bestiary because of the level of trust they've built up in me.

Even the Organized Play program that Ash Law runs is both well designed, easy to implement and makes communication a breeze.  With top notch adventures.  And cool swag.

But the icing on the cake, was the e-mail I received from Simon Rogers (owner of Pelgrane Press) offering me a free copy of Campaign Cartographer 3 and a reduced price on the Whole Shebang bundle.

Simon and people he works with are class acts and I can't sing enough of their praises.

Buy some stuff from them.

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