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Inquest: Princess Shee La Napthorian du Don [13th Age]

Shee La is the eldest daughter of King Nikel Clea-Napthorian du Don and Queen Trident Napthorian du Don, sovereign rulers of the Deep Blue Kingdom of Am Nu Vor (Amity Bay).

Shee La is a powerful telepath with limited telekinetic ability.  She is brilliant, charming and a born leader.

The first of seven sisters in line for the the throne, Shee La demonstrated her telepathy while still in Trident's womb.  She was precocious, quick to learn, likable and extremely caring from an early age.  Her telepathy, was a gift, the ruling family had guarded dearly, and it has aided them several times in some extremely tense diplomatic scenarios.  Shee La quickly found her place at court and excelled at both demonstrating her worth as a future leader, while remaining completely loyal to her family.

Trident and Nikel were both shocked when Shee La was kidnapped by the Rom Pharr, mercenaries hailing from the Red Wastes.  Baron Voth, who paid for her capture, was quick to contact the King and Queen and convince them to stay their hand at either rescue or retailation.

Baron Voth chose Shee La as one of several political targets who were integral to an elaborate plan, the Obsidian Gambit, that the Lich King had assigned him to accomplish.  The Baron had heard of her reputation at diplomancy and chose to dine with her on three separate occasions.  Shee La found her mental power sorely tested in resisting powerful enchantments each time and deduced that the Gambit required her cooperation to some extent.  Her telepathy wasn't necessary to see that Voth was deeply frustrated at not being able to break the mermaid.

While held in the dungeon, her tank was in the same room as an aboleth who identified himself as Shoal.  Over the several months they were incarcerated together, Shee La developed a loose rapport with the being and discovered had had been held captive for nearly five decades by Voth.

During the escape from the Baron's dungeons, Shee La was killed by an attacking will 'o the wisp, however the Company of the Badger chose to take her corpse with them and deliver her remains to her family.  They were pleasantly shocked to discover the enchanted water of the Wild Wood hass resurrected her and is slowly returning her to full health.

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