Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dead AGE becomes Wyrd Science

I had a hoot running my Resident Evil inspired game using Green Ronin's Adventure Game Engine, but I haven't been able to get back to it in months and am not sure exactly when it will start back up.

However, as much as I like the AGE system I don't need the distraction of working on the story and working on new mechanics.  So that means finding a new system, which is another way for me to get distracted.

Right now I'm thinking New World of Darkness (I like the system, but it may be too lethal for the level of action I want), Feng Shui (this past friday I ran it for the store's Friday Group as part of Atlas Games' Alpha Test) or Rotted Capes (I'd like some elements of lower powered supers).

The game is not even slotted on my schedule yet, but Feng Shui and Rotted Capes are my contenders right now.

Since I'm moving away from the Adventure Game Engine, I'm changing the name to Wyrd Science.

Key elements to the game will be the Umbrella Corporation, New Edision Inc., bioterrorism, the League of Shadows, the Office of Scientific Intelligence, Frankenstein's Monster, the Si-Fan, and Fu Manchu and CHON.

I'm hoping to test character write-ups in Feng Shui & Rotted Capes soon.

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