Monday, October 28, 2013

13th Age: The Montessi Blades

Harkness Montessi was a treasure hunter turned monk turned monster slayer during the 10th Age.  At the tender age of twelve, he set off with "Rabid" Rob Robair, a tomb-raider, to seek fortune and fame.

After close to two decades working together, the pair unwittingly unleashed a fiend named Turaskian J'ten who had been imprisoned during the 6th Age.

While Rabid was slain, Harkness was found by monks from the nearby Monastery du Priles where he traded in adventuring for a quiet life.  Montessi spent his days tending their gardens and his nights studying fiends and monsters of all kinds because his sleep was 
plagued with nightmares of J'ten and Rabid's destruction.  After several years Harkness finally grew tired of cowering in fear and now had the knowledge to hunt the many terrors that plagued the 10th Age.

However, he knew he needed weapons to aid him in his quest and Montessi set about having the monks help him craft several powerful swords whose legend would live on for untold Ages.

Greatsword made from the feathers of the Angel Eptham.
Default bonus: You gain a +1 to attacks and damage (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Khopesh forged from the heart of the volcano Tepestku.
Default bonus: When you miss with an attack roll this weapon deals an additional 5 fire damage (adventurer); 10 fire damage (champion); 15 fire damage (epic).
Quirk: It complains it's freezing unless it's within 10 feet of an open flame.

Long Sword made from the bones of Saint Superior.
Default bonus: Attacks and damage when using the weapon: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Scimitar made from the Eye of Death.
Default Bonus: You gain a +1 to all Defenses (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).
Quirk: Insists on saying a blessing over fallen foes.

Short Sword made from the teeth of the Storm Giantess Bes.
Default bonus: You gain a +3 to Initiative rolls (adventurer); 
+5 (champion); +10 (epic).

Bastardsword made from Winds of Kon.
Default Bonus: While the Escalation die is odd, you deal 1d8 Sonic damage to an additional 1d3 foes Nearby (adventurer); an additional 3d8 (champion); 5d8 (epic).
Quirk: Brags to you where lightning is about to strike, precisely 5 seconds before it's visible to you.

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