Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dead AGE: Frankenstein's Monster

Last night I ran the first session of my mash up of Dead Reign, Resident Evil and the Adventure Game Engine (that powers Green Ronin's Dragon Age Table Top RPG).  It worked very well.

I figured I'd share some insight into how the mash up works:

1) The core of the system is the Adventure Game Engine.

2) I used Hunter: the Reckoning's Skill List (removing the combat skills for AGE's Weapon Groups).

3) I've imported Heroes Unlimited and Dead Reign for Special Effects that are not Magic based.
So I have a Half-Zombie PC and Super Solder Experiment.

4) I've basically used the AGE attributes, switching Magic to Inner Strength as a nod to Palladium's Inner Strength Points.

5) If Magic becomes available to the PC's, I'll use AGE's system.  I'm contemplating a "ritual system" that allows anyone to try a spell.

6) I've only loosely applied classes.  All PC's have the same number of skills and based on their "role" are given a number of Weapon Groups corresponding to the Rogue, Wizard or Warrior.  Hit Points are also based on this decision.  Most PC's have at least 25 base Hit Points.  Currently, I'm not employing any Backgrounds.

7) PC's all have 2 Talents to start and I've allowed the selection of the Novice Talent of rerolling a failed roll, but you have to take the new roll, for any skill.  I've also allowed conversion of Weapon Style Talents to modern weapons.

8) Weapon damage and armor are an extrapolation of Dragon Age.

9) I introduced a 2 point Stunt that allows a head shot against a Zombie, automatically destroying it.

Overall, it was a blast.  The AGE system fell into the background and I think they're getting the hang of Stunt Points.  I'm looking forward to session 2.

I can easily see the AGE becoming my goto system.  I like using 3d6, having Zero Average Attributes, a simple Skill System, Talents/Feats, Hit Points and Armor reducing Damage.  Point based Magic is icing on the cake.

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