Friday, January 4, 2013

Aquila: The Procession Episode 2

Hurricane - 4th Level Demigod Fighter
Tesla - 4th Level Tellurian Psion
Fikrit- 4th Level Human Sorcerer
Becker - 5th Level Human Barbarian
Wolf - 4th Level Human Fighter

Moments after Thor shattered the Cloudship, Athena viciously attacked and both Gods vanished out of sight as they hurdled to the ground.

Fikrit, Wolf, and Telsa awoke in the leaves and branches of a gargantuan oak tree.  The day was bright and thought they had many aches and pains, all were whole.

As they got their bearings, they realized the area they'd "landed" in was a huge forest filled with massive trees.  Trees that were being pushed aside and snapped by something colossal moving toward them!

It was then they noticed that Hurricane & Becker had landed in a gigantic web with a huge spider closing on them for a meal.

Tesla's ingenuity and telepathy helped both men escape and drive off the giant spider.

The group slowly began moving towards the ground, feeling it a safer option with whatever was rampaging through the forest.

As they descended, they came upon half of their Cloudship and were comforted to find the mysterious monster had begun to move off, away from them.

Tesla also telepathic sensed the presence of a triumvirate of Lemurians nearby, and noted they should be avoided at all costs.

Nothing useful was found amongst the wreckage, but they did spy a man-sized squirrel and a large woodpecker that Becker slaughtered.  It was then that Fikrit realized where they were...Monster Island!
The island Jupiter and Hades created to entrap the spawn of the Titans.

The group further descended to the florest floor, an earthy realm of fungi and darkness.  As they sank closer to the ground, Becker spied a cloaked humanoid figure, quickly duck into deep shadows.  As Hurricane landed upon the ground a huge constrictor lunged at him and wrapped him in it's monstrous coils.

With team work, the group were able to destroy the serpent, but Becker fell too it's venom.  The hidden stranger then stepped forward to aid Becker, using healing magic to draw the venom from his body.

She introduced herself as a Druid, a student of Manthrax, named Lorelei.  Her features clearly showcased her mixed elven blood and she beckoned them to follow her to the refuge known as Verdisgris, where she promised shelter from the monsters.

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