Friday, October 7, 2022

Dark Sun: B'rohg for Old School Essentials, B/X D&D, & AD&D

 With Dark Places and Demogorgons on Kickstarter for Old School Essentials I decided to kick OSE's tires a bit. I'm in a John Carter kind of mood which brought me to the Burnt World of Athas, better known as Dark Sun. I've also been reading through 13th Age and really enjoy its monster design and dice tricks so I'm using that as additional design space.

If you hate or love it please let me know.

B'rohg for Old School Essentials

They are tall, slim, humanoid giants with four arms and two legs generally with an orange to brown skin tone due to the harsh sun of Athas. They stand 15' tall and have sharp, angular features and pointed ears often with numerous piercings. In the wild they are cautious raiders who often flee when they begin taking casualties. Those that are captured invariably end up gladiators in the many arenas of each City-State. 

AC 7 [12], HD 5+3 (26hp) Att 2 x spear (1d10), or 1 x boulder (2d6),THAC0 14 [+5], MV 120' (40’),SV D10 W11 P10 B13 S13, ML 10, AL Neutral, XP 300, NA 1d6 (2d6), TT Q

Block: If the b’rohg’s melee attack roll is a natural 17-20 they gain a -1 [+1] to their AC until the start of their next turn. This benefit may stack.

Boulder throwing: Up to 60’.

Four-Arms: If the b’rohg’s melee attack roll is a natural Even roll it inflict an additional 1d10 damage.

Psionic Talent: Roll 1d12: 

1) Cast hypnotism 1 x day

2) Cast shield 1 x day

3) Cast detect magic 1 x day

4) Cast cure light wounds 1 x day

5) Cast speak with animals 1 x day

6) Cast predict weather 1 x day

7) Cast invisibility to animals 1 x day

8) Cast detect danger 1 x day

9) Cast spook 1 x day

10) Cast auditory illusion 1 x day

11) Cast ventriloquism 1 x day

12) Cast charm person 1 x day

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