Thursday, October 20, 2022

BXRP: Conflict Resolution

As I work on BXRP I'm torn on which combat system I want to use. I've been planning to use the system where a Character's Chance to Hit is rolled and if it is successful their target's Armor Class would then be rolled as well. If the AC roll was also successful, the highest roll would win, unless Critical were involved (rolling doubles). However, in using BX DnD as an engine I keep thinking about letting a target's AC be the base chance to hit and modify it with a the Attackers Chance to Hit--essentially using the Ascending AC system that has been in place since DnD 3E.

I do think that which ever way that I go I will present the alternate version in an Appendix.

At the moment I think the latter approach is winning since it sticks with a foundational piece of modern BX retroclones, but I like the attack vs. defense element that BRP's D100 system employs.

If you have a strong opinion either way then please share it with me.


DMGM said...

Have you ever thought about doing Skaven for ICRPG?

Alistair said...

So long as you included both, I don’t mind. I do like the BRP model myself.

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