Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Halloween Treat: Witchfinder Major Exeter Ambergris IX for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Witchfinder Major Exeter Ambergris IX for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Armor 15, Movement 35’, 6 Hit Die, three attacks with blade 1d8+2 or pistol 1d8, Morale 11, Search 5, Sneak Attack 3, Stealth 4.

Exeter Ambergris IX is the latest in a long line of Southern nobility to serve as a Witchfinder for the Ivory Church of Her Law and is only months away from his twentieth anniversary. Rumors suggest that he was has turned down the position of Witchfinder General twice already. What the Council of Piety does not understand is that Exeter loves hunting witches throughout the Shieldlands only feels alive when on one's trail because the Mother appears to him during those nights, expressing her gratitude for his work as a Seeker in every possible way. During those periods when the Major is not Seeking a witch the Mother has no time for him and will not visit him in his dreams and his mind, body, even his soul ache for her attention. This has caused Exeter to take on missions and refuse holidays or sabbaticals whiles also forcing his wife to take on the duties of his barony. If his wife's family weren't reliant on Exeter's estate, she's have left him right after Exeter X was born as the boy's father has only been home four times since his birth thirteen years ago. Nothing matters to the Major other than his time with Her in his dreams while he is doing Her good work by rooting out and killing a witch. Her attentions have given him new insight in his Seeking, she told him it was his reward for doing Her good work, for swelling the flames of Hel with the damned he sends there in Her name. She even gave him the ability to see witchcraft in the aura of his prey. She loves him so much that She wants to be with him as often as possible. In their moments together She even whispers that he is all she wants. And so the Major is cutting a swath through the Shieldlands in pursuit of Her good pursuit of Her.

The Major is not the consort of the Mother and She does not visit him in his dreams. He has a brain tumor and it will kill him in 2d6 days and he spent months butchering the weak, the strange, and the outsiders that cross his path. He doesn't see auras because his sight is failing and he is not the pride of the Seekers because they hunt him, hoping to stop his murdering of innocents, including children, and end the disgrace he brings to their name. His last victim, one way or the other, will be the Magic-User or Elf within your player's group, but they will have to deal with his reputation as the best of the finest of Her servants before his end.

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