Thursday, October 15, 2020

Warlock!: Sqig

I've recently been looking over the Warlock! RPG which, for me, captures the best parts of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Basic Role Playing, and the OSR.

Type Uncivilized
Actions/round 1
Weapon/skill/damage Teeth/5/1d6
Armour 1d3 Hide
Adventuring skills 3
Stamina 5
Notes Unpredictable

Unpredictable - If a squig moves this turn roll a d8, a 1 is North, a 2 is Northeast, a 3 is East, a 4 is Southeast, a 5 is South, a 6 is Southwest, a 7 is West, and an 8 is Northwest. The result is the direction they move this turn.

Description - The Squigs (short for "Squiggly Beasts") are considered by many to be the simplest form of Greenskin life. Squigs seems to be extremely simple in terms of their motivations. So far, they have only ever been reliably observed exhibiting two behavioral patterns; eat anything edible that is nearby, then move more-or-less randomly until there is something else to eat within range and once more wander about aimlessly. A number of bizarre offshoots of Squigs have been seen in various locations within the Old World, though they inevitably favour lightless areas such as caves and underground tunnels.

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