Wednesday, December 18, 2019


I recently found about Gallant Knight Game's TinyD6 system and, thankfully, I have a buddy that has Tiny Dungeons 2E and Tiny Supers in print. After borrowing them, I've become pretty infatuated with the whole line pretty darn quickly.  

What's cool is that there is a Holiday Blowout Bundle on DriveThruRPG with nearly everything that has been released for the system for just $49.99 (two products from Fat Goblin Games which came out after the Bundle went up).  You get $340 worth of PDF products for that price.

It's an amazing deal and I went ahead an bought it with my Christmas Bonus and I'm really happy I did.

TinyD6 works like this:  

The Player makes a Test by rolling 2d6, if either of the dice comes up a 5 or 6, you succeed. If the task is easier, the Player gets Advantage, so they roll 3d6, however, if the Test is harder, the Player gets Disadvantage and rolls 1d6.

For Initiative you roll 2d6 and add them together, with characters acting from highest to lowest.

Your Heritage (Race in other games) determines your Hit Points.

Each Character has Traits that they choose and which come from their Heritage. The Traits are like Feats in DnD and use exception based rules to define each Character.

It's that straight forward.

In many, many ways it's what I wanted Savage World to be and I hope to get a chance to try it out soon.

There are already genre books for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Super Heroes, Post Apocalypse, Zombie Apocalypse, Pirates, and the Wild West with Cthulhu coming early next year. 

There is an official group on Facebook where the authors are very active and responsive.

Plus, you can try out their Quickstart which is Pay What You Want.

I cannot recommend this system enough. Gallant Knight Games has achieved quite a bit in a short time, in my opinion. They've done some OSR work (Torchlit Adventures and For Coin and Blood) and Kickstarted a Zorro RPG using the D6 system last year.

I'll be posting more about this system soon...and the Review of Torchlit Adventures.


Scott Anderson said...

Merry Christmas and God bless and keep you.

Chaosmeister said...

Totally agree. It's a great system and my second favourite after BoL. I was lucky enough to run one session of Gunslingers with a second to follow. It's very adaptable and rolls so easy. The Tiny Zine is also fantastic with lots of additional options if you want a bit more depth.

Cross Planes said...

@Scott, Thank you and a Merry Christmas and may God bless you and yours.

@Chaosmeister, BoL is a great system. For me Shadow of the Demon Lord is my top pick, but TinyD6 is a close second and has probably nudged D&D 5e down to third.

I'm simply amazed how well it works and how many genres are already supporting it.

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