Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: Colors of Magic: the Gathering

In this month's Plane Shift featuring Magic: the Gathering's plane of Ixalan, James Wyatt discusses a how the colors of M:tG could interact with DnD, but without rules.

I've enjoyed the series from Wizards of the Coast and have been thinking about some simple ways for Colored Mana to influence a spellcaster.

The first step is to move away from spellcasters "tapping" lands for a specific Mana. Instead, the environment has areas where the Mana is a certain color. Perhaps if you are in a mountain stronhold, the Mana is Red, at sea on a galleon it is Blue, etc.

As in the article you have decide at character creation what Mana you are aligned with with it's Blue, Black, White, Red, or Green is up to your character. During play, this can change based on the story and the DM's approval.

When you are in an area that aligns with your Color of Mana, there are several possible benefits the DM can decide upon, based on how potent that Color is.

• Your spell attack rolls and/or your spell save DC increases by +1 to +3.

• Any creature making a saving throw against a spell that is considered in your Color has disadvantage on the save.

• When you cast a spell that is consider in your Color, roll a d6, on a 5-6 the spell slot is not lost.

Other ideas can be improvised or planned out.

The idea is to build certain situational benefits to spellcasters based on the Color of Mana they align with. It's important, however, to not overuse their benefits or underuse them. And don't forget that NPCs gain the same benefit.

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