Friday, December 8, 2017

Oakhurst: Rangers of Roan

The Rangers of Roan were founded 587 years ago in the Monarchy of Sumter when Princess Roan was visited by the goddess Melora who wanted to aid in the building of alliance between her Father, Monarch Thurston and the wood elves of the nearby forest of Holt. Roan's visitation occurred during the Troll Plague, when the wood elves and the Monarchy were losing ground to the monsters. Unfortunately as the Plague prolonged, communication between the wood elves and the Monarchy began to deteriorate.

Melora taught Roan new techniques to destroy the trolls and she set off on her own to begin her work. After single-handedly slaying four trolls, she came upon a group of wood elves being attacked by a two-headed ferocity. She was able to slay this fifth monstrosity and, as it turned out, save the lives of the children of the wood elf sorcerer, Matese.

As word spread of Roan's deeds, the wood elves and humans of the Monarchy came together to learn from the Princess and the Rangers were created. Soon, Fort Elm was constructed and the Rangers role as protectors of the forests and frontier began in earnest. Roan even abdicated her claim to the throne.

The Rangers fulfilled their duties for four centuries, serving the Monarchy, the wood elves, and anyone in need within their domain. However, during the War of the Queens, both claimants to the Monarchy sought the aid of the Rangers, who steadfastly refused to enter into a civil war in Sumter. When Queen Nory won, she slowly began to favor the worship of Erathis over Melora and cut the budget of the Rangers.

Frustrated that their role as protectors was at the whim of petty politicians, the Rangers began spreading outside of Sumter, building Forts in Odessa, Qent, Mer, and Fent. They also brought the worship of Melora with them and found a warm welcome in the wilderlands of each nation.

Today, the Rangers take recruits from any race and piously work to protect their charges and spread the word of Melora. Each Fort maintains a shrine to their patron goddess and a carving or sculpture of their founder, Roan.

Recently, rumors have circulated that Fort Ash, in Qent and within two days ride of Oakhurst, fell on the final night of the Red Moon. If the story is true, a sinkhole or magical earthquake literally swallowed the Fort and all of it's inhabitants full.

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