Friday, June 30, 2017

Zombies and Their Hunger

I've been on a bit of zombie kick lately, listening to the World War Z Audio Book while driving on our vacation and reading Chuck Dixon's Gomers.

It led me to ponder something. 

We often see scenes of zombies converging on a victim and seeminly devouring them, yet we rarely see zombies with extensive bite wounds.

This made start thinking of the reason why they aren't more devoured or even heavily gnawed upon zombies.

The answers I've come up with could be applied to either a fantasy or modern/sci-fi setting. The virus or curse that raises the dead has a biological or magical component that prevents the them from continuing to eat their victims as soon as the moment of death occurs.

Due to this, a horde may descend upon a victim, but as soon as that victim dies, the horde no longer has any interest in continuing to feed and will seek new targets, as they no longer crave that flesh.

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