Friday, June 30, 2017

Sunless Citadel: The Great Horned One

Recently, our merry band of adventurers discovered the Prospector General Store, owned by the Karnak clan and learned that their basement held freshly dug tunnels and ratmen. After a pitched battle the group moved on from the place, but upon their return they found it boarded up. Having gained some official writ from the Mayor due to a job he'd given them, they decided to "investigate" (or break in, depends on your point of view). They found the symbol of the Great Horned One throughout the rooms above the store, as well as booby traps, more ratmen, a giant rat, a room that led to...somewhere else, and extensive tunnels leading deep underground. 

They have been told that one of their number has been exposed to a dangerous disease, but opted not to trade the antidote for the ratman's escape. Now, they must figure out if their enemy was telling the truth and how deep they are willing to follow him...

The Chaos God of change, blight, and pestilence longs for the destruction of civilization and desires for the respect and becoming the equal of his fellow gods, who look down upon him. His holy number is 13. His priests are called Lead Seers and he is served by demons called Ungeziefer
, gigantic fiends armed with poisioned weaponry. He is also known as Grandfather and Tsien-Tsin.

Great Horned One (CE)
God of blight, change, pestilence

   Domain Death, Trickery 
   Symbol Three crossed lead bands forming an inverted pyramid

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