Thursday, July 3, 2014

My little girls's first time Dungeon Mastering D&D 5E (Kettlecorn)

So last night, my 10 year old daughter, E ran DnD 5E.  This wasn’t her first time being a game master (her & my 13 year old son ran their friends through separate games at their birthday parties last year), but it was her first time running by herself.

Her players were my son and I and I was shocked how confident, quick to improvise and just plain naturally good she was at it.  She even did different voices for her NPC’s and gave them little distinct trademarks for us to remember.

I was beat last night so we played for less than an hour, but the setup was thus:

The town of Kettlecorn, within 20 miles from Phandelver no less, has been the site of numerous disappearance of late.  Sadly these abductions range from livestock to small children and the town believes orcs are responsible.  But the crimes don’t fit what we know of orcs, so the town’s sheriff has brought us in to help (this was all her set up, by the way).

“Us” is Hollis Mcavoy a Halfling Detective and Thorax Bugsman, who is one-eight cricket, and a Fighter.

After interviewing some victims and witnesses, we found a clue that points to the a nearby forest filled with “pixies, faeries, elves, witches and a few goodly folk” we made plans to set out and investigate further.  We have decide the orc theory is hogwash.

More soon.

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