Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge: Day 1 How I got Started

This answer has two parts.

First, in Fifth Grade, I had a friend make me an elf named Melf (from the DnD Action figures) with Hank's Bow from the cartoon and he would tell me how awesome I was doing in the game (where he ran my PC).  I had a blast.  No, I don't know why I didn't just play in their game, it never occurred to my fifth grade self.

Second, I was a sophomore at the College of Mount Saint Jospeh and my old buddy, Barry, had been playing some Star Wars with some friends in highs school and when he came to the Mount I got pluged into his group.  We started on Champions, but quickly moved onto ADnD 2E, where I made a Fighter named Garamond (I was a Graphic Design student and took the name from the Font), who really wanted to be a Swashbuckler, but didn't have the stats to qualify for the Kit.  And no, our DM wasn't going to fudge anything...he only did that for a player named Kurt.

While I made the character for Todd's game, another friend, Richard ran the character first where we went to a town where if you left you lost your soul and were supposed to make it into a mysterious tower we never found the entrance to (Richard like puzzles...but he wasn't good at them).  The game last one and a half sessions.

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