Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 Day D&D Challange: Day 10 Craziest Thing That's Happened That You Saw

I was running a 13th Age game and the group was on Monster Island.  While planning to ambush a scouting party from the planet Mongo, Rodan swooped in for the attack and captured two of the players in it's talons.  But while soaring off to devour them, Godzilla came into view.  If two monsters on Monster Island see each other, I reckon they have to fight.  It's a law.

So Rodan changed course and attacked Godzilla, while the players got into the fray.  One of the player's had not yet picked their One Unique Thing and decided they were "Gamma Incredible".  Now, I generally don't allow a OUT to give a bonus, but in this instance, I allowed the Player to "hulk out".

Rodan and Godzilla were routed and the player's were safe.  Mostly.

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