Sunday, January 29, 2023

#Dungeon23: Level 1, Room 3

A set of narrow steps leads up and through an opening revealing a balcony overlooking a rough stone terrain 30' below. The balcony has room for three adults at one time. The ground is littered with weapons of all kinds.

Above the balcony a thick metal cable is anchored into the wall at a height of 7’ and it leads across the room to an opposite balcony 50’ away.

Crossing the room on the cable is an an Athletics check and anyone who critically fails falls 30' to the ground below and takes 3d6+3 damage. If a creature dies on the ground they rapidly decompose to dust on the next round.

When a creature arrives on the ground below 2 stone golems take shape within 1d6" and attack them. This occurs every time a new creature meets the ground. Defeated stone golems return to the earth the following round. The terrain is Difficult Ground.

Littered on the ground is 600 gp, 23 arrows, 2 battle axes,        3 bows, 2 crossbows, 8 crossbow bolts, 9 daggers, 2 flails, 1 great axe, 2 great swords, 4 long swords, 6 shields, 5 short swords, 2 staves, 2 warhammers, 1 set of chain mail that fit a PC and 2 sets of tough hide that fit a PC. Additionally, there is a Flame Tongue long sword and a Ring of the Ram with 16 charges.

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