Monday, January 30, 2023

Death's Head Keep: Level 1, Room 4 #Dungeon23

The room is pitch black with a lonely 

stool in its center.

- It is 15’ x 25’. 

-The walls are rough stone.

- The smell of chlorine is acrid and


- A barred wooden door is the only exit  

  in the far right corner of the room.

Anyone who sits on the stool must 

make a Spirit check. 

- On a failure the apparition of an 

  ancient woman moves intangibly 

  through the door to stand before them. 

- The woman’s left eye is covered with 

  an eye-patch and her nose is crooked

  and broken.

- She in an imposing sight and is just

  over 6' tall.

- Her teeth are crooked and black and

  leans uncomfortable close to asks the 

  creature who sat down what their True

  Name is.

- If the creature chooses to answer her

  question and lies the GM gains a Benny.

- Any attacks pass harmlessly through

  her as she is an astral projection and 

  her body is far from her. 

- The next round she leaves the way she

  came in.

- She will not reappear again.

  There is a secret door in the middle of

  the left-hand wall that can be found

  with a Notice check at -1.

- It has 6 shelves that holds close to 3

  dozen humanoid hearts in glass jars.

- The hearts are suspended in a bright

  green fluid. 

- All of the hearts are beating audibly

  and in unison. 

        - There is room for more hearts equal to

  the number of PCs. 

- If opened the heart in the jar stops

   beating and the liquid turns blue, 

   has the consistency of honey, and is 

           becomes a remarkably strong adhesive 

           known as twitterpaste.

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