Friday, May 27, 2022

Sprawls Without Number: Gabriel Hound for Stars Without Number X Shadowrun


Gabriel Hound 

for Stars Without Number X Shadowrun

HD: 3

AC: 14

Atk: +4 

Dmg: 1d8

Shock: 1/AC 15

Move: 15m

ML: 9

Skills: +2

Save: 14+

Effort: 1

  • Commits Effort for the scene as an On Turn action and becomes nearly transparent for the rest of the scene, gaining a +2 bonus on all Sneak checks and giving most creatures no chance to spot them at all unless they are specifically vigilant for intruders or the Hound gets within five meters of them. The effect ends instantly if the Hound moves violently, such as with running or fighting. 
  • Commits Effort for the day as a Main Action and target a visible creature which must make a Mental save or become paralyzed and helpless for the rest of the scene. On a successful save, they lose their next Main Action. If the target is attacked the paralysis ends immediately. This ability can target a given creature only once per scene. 
  • Commits Effort for the scene as an Instant action to Move or make a Fighting Withdrawal as an On-Turn action.
  • Commits Effort as a Main action; while it is committed the Hound changes its appearance to a vaguely humanoid creature that moves on all fours.
  • Is allergic to sunlight and is -2 to all actions while exposed to it.

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