Thursday, May 26, 2022

Sprawls Without Number: Cyberpunk X Stars Without Number X Worlds Without Number

I've spent the last several weeks kind of taking a break from the OSR and focusing on DnD 5E but I've found that I keep coming back to the works of Kevin Crawford and Sine Nomine.

Stars Without Number and Worlds Without Number are both amazing RPGs that mix, in my opinion, the best of B/X, ADnD, and 5E. I don't find myself really looking to house rule either game as I do with Old School Essentials, Hyperborea 3E, or Labyrinth Lord. I like Cantrips, Ascending AC, and Skills most of the time and Kevin has covered them in these games. I think, more importantly, I like all of the tools Kevin gives a Game Master to help foster their campaigns and the way he lets you see the wheels behind the system you are using.

In fact, over on Reddit he gave a glimpse of Cyperpunk game in the style of SWN and WWN and that glimpse gave me everything I need to run Shadowrun. I've loved Shadowrun since I saw the 1st Edition of the game and though I am very much a "system guy" there is something about the Magic system in every edition of SR I've looked at (and Earthdawn set in the same world in an earlier age and with a different system) that I just can't wrap my mind around. While I think DnD 5E compatible of the game is a no-brainer I'm happy to take all of the tools that Kevin has given us over the years and just run Shadowrun with them.

I'm calling Sprawls Without Number and I'll be working on it here for a bit.

Here is an 3rd Level Orc Street Samurai I made using the Operator Class and choosing the On Target and Wired Edges at Level 1:

Orc Street Samurai Level 3

Strength 14 (+1)

Dexterity 12 (+0)

Constitution 14 (+1) Max Strain 7

Intelligence   8 (-1)

Wisdom 10 (+0)

Charisma          8 (-1)

Hit Points  23
AC 16

Melee +4

Ranged +3

Evasion 11+

Mental 12+

Physical 10+


Exert +0

Notice +0

Puch +0

Shoot +1

Sneak +0

Stab +2

Survive +0


Mag Pistol +4(2d6+2)

Vibro Axe +6     (2d10+2)

Miss   (3/AC 15)

Adjacent Foes  (3/AC 15)


On Target


Orc Traits 

Nightvision out to 60 feet


Close Combatant Level 1 & 2

Adrenal Pump 

Torque Actuator (Twitchlock Actuator for Strength)

Dermal Armor

Holdout Cavity 

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