Thursday, January 27, 2022

Numenera: 20 Rumors in Syzygy


Inspired by Jeff's Gameblog, below are rumors circulating around the city of Syzygy, the setting for my Numenera campaign.  

Fair warning: Some of these may be true.

Roll a d20 or pick one:

1) The Edamame Bloom, on the upper Eastside, is co-owned by Pale Horse a feared assassin who is considered one of the best in the World. Those seeking to hire her should ask the bouncers if they can see "Dr. Bombay".

2) A large myocbiota of mi-go has grown up over the last thirty years in the depths of Lake Hadron on the upper Westside. 

3) Several citizens in the Karpeth neighborhood, on the lower Eastside, have contacted the Von Carstein family about strange encounters within the datasphere where an intelligence calling itself Jobe has offered them their wildest dreams in exchange for helping it find its "missing pieces" so it can enter the Ninth World physically.

4) A strange arthropod known as bly'orn grows on the outer hull of the Craft, the downed starship that is home to the city. Apothecaries pay up to 5 Shins a kilo to use it for the treatment of abfluenza, several forms of cancer, epsilon sickness, and genital warts.

5) The Blue Suns seek to free the city from the control of the Montessi and Von Carstein families and have threatened to attack the High Night election results on 10th Anniversary of the Concord.

6) Ballarad Keep, 150 miles north of the city, was founded to observe the Colossus that stands within the Borderlands. Two weeks ago, the Colossus took a step toward the Keep causing a minor earthquake.

7) On the first Thursday of the month if you come to the back door of the  Bistro du Blaise on Kipper Street and ask for the "brunch special with three eggs and extra hot" you will be given a random cypher with a 10% chance of gaining an artifact.

8) A unicorn has been seen by multiple witnesses in the Theatre District in the last two weeks.

9) Even though the city shut down Eb'n'Bolht, a privately owned prison rife with claims of abuse to its inmates, those living nearby claim that when it rains they can hear a cacophony of terrified voices shouting "No, Byron, no more!".

10) A serial killer has murdered over sixteen proximans over the last fourteen months on the lower Westside. A reporter for Vox III, Ed mok Tuuurg, has just aired the story and claims they were threatened by the Montessi family to keep the case quiet.

11) Ajaxx Dross has been using several dentofiends to dispose of the refuse they collect on a daily basis, but one of them has escaped.

12) On the northern shore of Lake Hadron is a small house with a tidy yard and a bright white fence. The house has a baby blue door with a gold plaque and the message on it changes every morning at dawn.

13) Gurley Provost is running for City Council and his platform has a 50 year plan to repair the Craft, the crashed starship that holds the city, and return it to space.

14) There is a soothsayer, known as Flogging Molly, in front of Corven Imports on Pikipsey Street on the Upper Eastside who charges 1 shin for your fortune. The woman's eye color changes and when they are green her readings are always accurate.

15) The Craft, the crashed starship that holds the city, has six sub-decks that can only be reached from the Generator on the upper Eastside. The entrance is guarded at all hours by a kelursan.

16) Logriss Montessi has acquired the legendary black blade known as Stormbringer.

17) The Nitehawks operate out of a tinker shop on Jibroni Way and claim that the Montessi family are all vampires.

18) Yrsula Von Carstein, like her mother and grandmother, have a psionic link to the Craft, the crashed starship that holds the city, which is sentient. The Concord was its idea after Flogging Molly, the soothsayer on Pikipsey, read its fortune.

19) The Hex has been in the city for over two months and everything is going according to their plan.

20) Amity Montessi-Von Carstein is a clone of her mother Logriss and not her daughter with Yrsula Von Carstein.

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