Thursday, January 20, 2022

Masters of the Universe: Pelezeean for Old School Essentials


Pelezeean for Old School Essentials

They are a race of mammalian humanoid creature native to the planet of Eternia. The most notable member of the race was Odiphus who betrayed his people by telling the invading warlord Prahvus where the Paleezeans kept their weapons. Unfortunately for both of them, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull happened to be in the town, caring for an injured soldier to stop them both.

AC 8 [11], HD 1+1 (6hp), Att 1 × weapon (1d6), THAC0 19 [+0],  
MV 90’ (30’), SV D12 W13 P13 B15 S15 (E1), ML 9, AL Neutral, 
XP 10, NA 1 (1d4), TT P, Q

 Hide: When not wearing armor their AC is an 8 [11].
▶ Keen Hearing: They Hear Noise on a roll of 1-2 on a d6.

*If using BX Ascending their Trained Save is 12 and their Untrained Save is 15.

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