Thursday, July 29, 2021

Worlds Without Number: Tiefling Origin

I really liked how Tieflings in Planechase didn't have universal traits so I decided to channel that a bit using Foci.

Across the many planes of the Polyverse are countless humanoids who bear a bloodline from the Lower Planes.

Level 1
Roll once on the Appearance table.
You can adjust your appearance in other ways with the Game Master's approval.

d8 Appearance
1.   Your skull is larger than normal
       Gain a +1 to your Intelligence Modifier.
2.   Your ears are larger than normal.
       Gain the Alert focus.
3.    Your eyes are mirror-like.
       Gain the Well Met focus.
4.   You have a small pair of horns on your head.
       Gain the Dealmaker focus.
5.   Your tongue is forked.
       Gain the Diplomatic Grace focus.
6.   You have feathers instead of hair.
       Gain the Gifted Chirugeon focus.
7.   Your body is covered in scales.
      Gain the Diehard focus.
8.   You have intricated birthmarks all over your body.
     Gain the Nullifier focus.

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