Saturday, May 22, 2021

Universal Monsters: Frankenstein/Flesh Golem for Cepheus Quantum & Cepheus Sorcery

 Sorry for disappearing but work has been C-R-A-Z-Y!

Flesh Golem for Cepheus Quantum

"A flesh golem is a ghoulish collection of stolen humanoid body parts, stitched together into a single composite form often involving necromancy as much as black science. Typically, it looms above the living and its innards stuffed full of talismans, galvanics, & profane scripts in the language of the Dead. 

A flesh golem cannot speak, although it can emit a hoarse roar of sorts. It walks and moves with a stiff-jointed gait, as if not in complete control of its body."

20/30, Move 5m/round, Armor 4, Fist (melee 3D, crushing). 
Combat-2, Physical-4. A flesh golem takes double damage from fire and it has Disadvantage on Physical throws to evade an attack.

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