Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Monstrous Monday: Count Draco Knuckleduster for Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition

 I've become a huge fan of Super7's ReAction figures and they have teamed up with Killer Bootlegs, Inc. who created Count Draco Knuckleduster. 

"Legend has it that during the period of darkness that followed "the Great Fall of 2548", the prison planet of Archea had become a breeding ground for a new form of evil. Thousands of star systems fell and worlds crumbled, dark beings conspired in the shadows to take advantage of the billions of deaths and endless destruction.

Count Draco Knuckleduster, was once a brilliant specialist in the field of cryonics. He was at one time considered the foremost authority on artificial life preservation in the Realm. His research and experiments were always in question by Absolute Rule Thuban and were eventually deemed "unnatural". Using a primeval form of Black Wizardry coupled with the most advanced technology of his time, Draco fashioned himself a Cybernetic Chronautical Exosuit. This device helped him sustain a somewhat cadaverous life for many revolutions. This temporarily prevented the inevitable crossing over of his consciousness. In an effort to sustain himself through unnatural means forever, Count Draco Knuckleduster plans to replace his natural-born heart with the Cryptoscrystalline Stone.

For uncounted centuries, the Stone lay hidden among the cosmos. Draco now must find it as he knows whomever possess it would hold the power to resurrect an army of deathless warriors and once again rule the stars..."

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