Thursday, February 27, 2020

Star Wars: The High Republic

Disney/Lucasfilm announced Star Wars the High Republic recently. It looks like a full-on media blitz and I wonder if the next film trilogy won't be set in this time period.

One quote worries me, "Being able to tell stories of Jedi and Padawans in the height of their power? And not in a time when we know that everything is going to be tragic? This is really exciting. This is the golden era!".

First, creators have been telling stories in the Knights of the Old Republic for quite some time. Is that no longer canon? Why do Star Wars Reps seem to forget all the directions its story has been taken?

Second, everything IS going to be tragic. 200 years from this point the Jedi are blind to the threat of Darth Sidious and ill-prepared to serve the Republic they are sworn to protect.

Third, where is Yoda? He's, what, 800 years old?

I don't mean to be critical. I loved the Mandalorian and I enjoyed the Rise of Skywalker even though it makes zero sense.

I just get worried that these companies produce these stories, take our money, erase those stories, and then expect us not to remember those stories.

I really hope this is awesome. I really do.

But why can't we focus on the future of a galaxy, far, far away?

Why do we keep returning to the past?

Just as I wanted more movies featuring Han, Luke, Chewie, and Leia, I want more movies featuring Rey, Finn, and Rose (I can do without Poe, but whatever). Why introduce us to those characters if we aren't going to watch them for the next few years?

Obviously, I'll check this out and hope its excellent. But I'm a bit gunshy these days. Out of the last eight films made, I've really only had one (Rogue One) that completely worked for me. Maybe it's me? I keep thinking that George made movies for kids and if that's the case, I can tolerate that.

May the Force Be With You.


Red Dice Diaries said...

Wonder if there'll be yet another Star Wars RPG to go with this?

Matt said...

AS someone who was entrenched in the Legends material, Disney's entire ride has not been fun for me. That said, though, this sounds like it might be something I could enjoy.

Sometimes, you want to play an RPG with a 2 year story, dramatic characters with backstory and destinies and stuff. But sometimes, that effort feels like work and it would be fun to play a game where everyone's a bit high of a level for the threat and you get to have a meaningless one-shot where you just get to have a lot of fun with the craziness that can come from the game, without all of the baggage from a "serious" game.

That's what this sounds like to me.

Cross Planes said...

@Red Dice Diaries, that's an interesting question. It appears something is changing with Asmodee/FFG's RPGs. Will they continue to have access to it and be allowed to make this setting book? I don't think we will know anything for sure until we find out if X-Wing and Legion will continue. I don't see the license to miniatures and RPGs being separated and I doubt that FFG would be allowed to sub-contract the RPG out.

At the same time, what if that license is separate from this?

@Matt, I agree with you that it has been hard on the fans and doubly so when the Kennedy claims they don't have access to novels and comic books.

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