Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Stars Without Numbers: Argo'Mir, a Planet in the Star Wars Galaxy

Stars Without Numbers seems to be that rare game that seems to be universally praised and since I'm in the mood for Sci-Fi, I thought I'd play around with using its tags to build a world.

Rolling randomly I get Anthropomorphs and Seagoing Cities.

For Anthropomorphs, I'm going to use Things Shrine to Darth Davos (A Feral Deity).

For Seagoing Cities, I'm going to use Complications The Amnion Sea is rife with glelgae, a necessary component of bacta (Seas That Are Not Water).

The Atmosphere is a Breathable Mix.

The Temperature is Temperate or Earth-like.

The Biosphere is No Native Biosphere.

The Population is equal to an Outpost.

The Tech Level is Modern Postech for the Star Wars galaxy.

The Origin of Argo'Mir involves Darth Davos bringing his creations, the Mir, to its shores.

The Curren Relationship of Argo'Mir with the Galactic Empire is volatile due to the Empire's views on non-humans and their need for bacta (Cultural Disgust and Avoidance).

The Contact Point is Lucerne (the Seagoing City) and it trades processed glelgae (a Vital Good) with the Galactic Empire.

So in less than 30 minutes, I've worked up a setting for a future adventure and seamlessly integrated it into my expanding story for this mini-campaign I'm running using one-shots.


Brian I said...

Cool! Have you checked out Codex of the Black Sun for SWN?

Cross Planes said...

I am just starting too. I usually pick up rules fairly quickly and with SWN it's taking me a few read throughs.

Once I grok them, I'm amazed how elegant they are.

Codex is awesome.

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