Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Back This: Arcana of the Ancients on Kickstarter

Monte Cook Games makes some well written and gorgeous books. And the setting of Numenera, the Ninth World, is exceptional.

They have taken the last several years of working in science-fantasy and have a new Kickstarter for Arcana of the Ancients to bring all they have learned to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

The KS is live and I urge you to back it. They are already very close to funding.

You can back it here.


Red Dice Diaries said...

Any idea if this is a book about incorporating tech-elements into 5E or whether it's a straight port of the Numenera setting?

Cross Planes said...

I believe it will focus more on 5E and while it will let you run Numenera it will be more of a toolkit.

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