Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Duergar Part 1

I recently used a One Page Dungeon for my DnD campaign and for whatever reason populated it with duergar.

I'd never really used the gray dwarves before and I liked them as an alternative to say, drow.

I won't lie that I don't know much about their back story or the cosmology they might worship.

In my game, they happened to serve Mephistopholes and guarded a huge gem that housed an ancient and horrible aberration.

One thing I found amusing is that underground dwellers can grow. It seems a bit odd, but it and invisibility was a nice way to terrorize my players, so I went with it.

I like that 5E presents several different options for antagonists and I used as many as a I could.

My hope is to showcase the gray dwarves farther down the line of my campaign.

Some questions I'll be asking is wether devil worship is peculiar for duergar?

Have duergar learned to use psionics due to their encounters with illithid?

Why are the duergar separated and angry at the other dwarves?

When did that schism occur?

How do they feel about other surface dwellers?

Part 2 will explore those subjects.

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