Thursday, October 5, 2017

Halloween Treat: Disembodied Hand for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Atticus Crumb was a wicked sort, a thief and murderer who gave much more than his heart to the Witch Woman of Krek. Those that knew him swore it was because he was from Nulb, a retched hovel to the northeast.

When the adventuring party known as the Hunters in Scarlet caught up to Atticus, the bounty on his head was for returning the criminal dead or alive.  Since Atticus put up a terrible fight, their enchanter tossed magical fire upon the black-hearted murderer, leaving only his hand left intact.

When the Hunters went to the city of Bant to collect the bounty they were disgusted that no reward would be given for just Atticus' hand. 

Angry, the Hunters stalked out of town, simply tossing Crumb's dead hand into the weeds.

Three nights later, it stirred and skulked about, finding a badger's burrow and killing it's inhabitant. And so that is how Atticus' hand proceed for several weeks, skulking about by night and finding a hiding place in the day. Until he found the shepherd boy, out after dark because of a lost lamb. The boy fright paralyzed him and Crumb's hand strangled him, crushing the bones in his neck with it's inhuman strength.

Even a city the size of Bant has begun to notice the string of strangulations, many in their own bed. Twenty three dead so far and the fear mounts each night.

Duchess Karkull has sent out notices for adventurers, those stout of heart to root out and destroy whatever is stalking their city at night.

Art by Quasilucid

Atticus Crumb's Disembodied Hand
for Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Armor 15, Movement 35’, 3 Hit Die, claw 2d4, Morale 8, Climb 5, Sneak Attack 4, Stealth 4.
The hand is nocturnal but will often find refuge from the daylight in a home for several days as it learns the owner's schedule. When active it skulks about hiding easily and prefer's to strike when it's victim is most vulnerable. Due to it's evil presence, spotted violet and red mushrooms quickly begin growing around any doors of structures it resides in, dying within 1d3 days after it moves on.

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