Saturday, August 5, 2017

Thay Invictus: Robert San Fernando

Last night my group started a new DnD 5th Edition game and I got to play! Thanks David :)

We're 3rd level and I had an odd idea for a character.

My first exposure to DnD was a display at our local B. Dalton's Bookseller where I read the ADnD 1st Edition Monster Manual for what felt like hours. I don't remember if my second exposure were the toys or the cartoon, I really enjoyed both, but I'm still a big fan of the cartoon.

My 3rd Level Human Urban Bounty Hunter Barbarian is Robert San Fernando. (Y'know,  Bobby from the DnD cartoon all grown up.)

I chose the Totem Warrior Sub-Class because, well Totem of the Bear is just too awesome. I went Urban Bounty Hunter because it felt closest to an experience adventurer.

Robert is a well-travelled and weary young man who has lost his sister, his unicorn, all of his friends, his magic club and his innocence. While his group had several years worth of adventures, the Dungeon Master tried to help them get home one time too many and the portal that Tiamat's tail knocked his unconscious body through wasn't home, but a Forgotten Realms where Thay has taken over the continent and where everyone will spend their death in service to the Red Wizards.

While Robert would love to see his old group again, an ancient mystic has told him that the Red Wizards control all such portals on the continent forcing him to quietly seek a way to overthrow Thay and hoping in vain to find a way back to Shiela and Uni or at the very least Earth.

He's spent the last few years working for the Red Wizards as a freelancer, trying to learn as much as he can about them. In his heart, he knows how herculean his task is, but it's the only hope he has left. They only thing that really matters to him.

In our first session we answered the call of Jon, the Mayor of Lichtenstein, to solve an "old problem". Lichtenstein was strangely free of large numbers of Thayan Undead servants or "goners".

Robert took time to survey the city before heading to the meeting. He met the rest of the mercenaries answering Jon's call: a sorceress named Echo, a foppish wizard from Abeir named Tory, a raven named Squanchy accompanying a half-elf Warlock named Emeril, and a sensible ranger named Wormcut. Jon seemed nervous of the fancy dressed goner who listened in on the dinner conversation.

A slave of a Ziggurat dedicated to the Horned One and run by a Witch had recently escaped and found his way to town. The Ziggurat had been a source of rumors for decades, but the Thayans didn't take it seriously. However, Jon was worried and was willing to fund this expedition with his own coin if need be.

After getting supplied the group headed out to get away from the goners.

After leaving the town, we encountered a strange drow, Indigo, who claimed to be from the past, before Thay's victory. We decided to let him tag along and listened hopefully to his tales of the Realms before Thay and the Undead Lord.

We set camp late and trusted Squanchy to keep watch. He alerted the group to the presence of ungirks, strange wolfmen with horns, four of them creeping up on us.

The battle was short and victory came easily for the group. However, we learned that Echo used magic outlawed by the Thayans and the Warlock used a ritual to learn that the Witch sent these creatures to assassinate us.

As the group went to back to a worried sleep, Robert stared at the stars, wondering if he would ever see his loved ones again and if they were wondering into a trap. What if that slave was sent to Lichtenstein?

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