Thursday, August 31, 2017

1,000 Faces: Bellamy and Plum

Nadir Bellamy and Robespierre Plumb are tomb raiders, reivers, and brigands who have reputation for the merciless approach they take toward their dark deeds.

Bellamy is a Fighter (5th Level Human Battlemaster Fighter), as well as a sage and accomplished alchemist and poisoner. He is very tall and brawny with long midnight-black hair down to his arse and a tattoo of a serpent eating it's own tail, circling his throat. Rumors insist that Bellamy is obsessed with finding the fabled Tower of Eram.

Plumb is Sorcerer and Rogue (3rd Level Tiefling Wild Mage Sorcerer and 3rd Level Assassin Rogue) and a keen observer of people, a gifted liar, and charming when the mood strikes him. His skin is ruddy in color and his eyes peculiar. He is missing two fingers on his left hand and is constantly fidgeting. Plumb's only goal, besides his work, is to find the next woman to bed.

The pair have been working as a team for over a decade, where they claim to have met while being held in the dungeons of Baron Yyrd for horse thievery and assault. They insist that they broke free one night and are responsible for murdering Yrd.

When not working a con, plotting a robbery, or working a contract they can be found most often at the Laughing Corpse, an public house known for catering to the rougher side of life and not safe for civilized folk.

The duo spend coin nearly as quickly as they "earn" it.

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