Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunless Citadel: Oakhurst

As the heroes return from their adventures within the Sunless Citadel, they have found one of the Hucrete Signet Rings and are hoping for a portion of the reward.

However, a strange plague has stricken the town's halfling population, dubbed the Red Pox because of the red pustules that appear all over the body, it's proven lethal to 30% of it's victims.

While no other humanoids have taken ill, there is a great amount of fear that it could eventually affect more than halflings.

Currently, victims are being treated at a small shrine outside of town, that has been converted into a make-shift treatment center that is run by Corkie Hoolahan, a Priestess of Pelor, her acolyte Prod Tupor and several local midwives and folk healers.

Fear and uncertainty tears at the heart of the city in the face of this outbreak. Corkie has recently had a vision and feels that a rare herb, Summer Bloom, made hold some hope for a treatment. Unfortunately, Summer Bloom is found in an area dominated by orc tribe, the Bone Thieves, led by Kriga the Vicious. The Pelorite is looking for heroes, fearless and daring, in this hour of need.

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