Wednesday, May 10, 2017

1,000 Faces: Odric Ravenskraft

Odric is a sage in his late 50s who operates the Bookery, which has become known as the region's best source for rare and exotic tomes. For the right price and enough time Odric has proven capable of locating whatever rare work he is tasked with.

A benefit of his work is that it allows the pursuit of his own interest,  conjuration magic. While Odric has studied arcane magic, he's a 4th Level Conjuration Wizard/Magic-User, he has always had a fondness for the field of conjuration and summoning and collects any work on the field that he comes across. Thus far, he has a personal collection of 99 books and has feelers out for a new title he's learned about, Summoning From the Lower Planes by Pedagogue Mueller.

Odric is 6' tall, but he stoops, he has occasional tremors in his left hand and walks with a slight limp due to an injury he sustained on horseback in his youth. He is fond of using large words and clicks his tongue on the roof of his mouth while talking. He is also a devout worshipper of Bane and keeps a small shrine to Black Lord in his attic. He closes up shop at 3pm at midweek to perform rites to the God of Tyrrany. He is a widower and has no children, but his nephew Poul visits from time to time. Poul is scribe and has found a solid patron due to his uncle's influence.

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