Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Primeval Thule: Beastfriend Background for 5th Edition

Sasquatch Games Primeval Thule is a setting I was so interested in I ordered the Setting Guide in Print for 4E, Pathfinder, and 13th Age.

And while I'm not at all disappointed with the work that the Squatchs did, it's a shame there isn't an official OGL for 5E for them to use.

But that's why I have a blog right?

Backgrounds here are bases on the Narratives in Primeval Thule, so they will gain abilities as a character levels.

Also, some of the abilities require the expenditure of a resource, for this reason and for how dangerous the setting is each character gains the Lucky Feat for free and may take the Lucky Feat one additional time.


Skill Proficiencies (1st level): You are Proficient in Animal Handling, Nature, and Survival.

Langauges (1st level): Common and elven.

Tools Proficiencies (1st level): Any one.

Animal Rapport (Level 1):  You can spend a Luck point on your turn for one of two effects: you can use a bonus action action to befriend an animal (functions as charm person, but the save DC is 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Charisma Modifier); alternatively, you can use a Luck point in a natural setting to call to the animals in your vicinity, requiring enemies within 30 feet of you to become frightened unless they succeed on a Wisdom save with a of DC 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Charisma Modifier. This use of the ability doesn’t work if there are no animals or vermin nearby.

Natural Understanding (6th level): Double your Proficiency bonus to Animal Handling, Nature, and Survival.
Optionally this is a feat and can only be taken if you have this background and are at least 4th level.

Lord of the Wild (10th level): You gain a loyal servant in the form of a wolf, great elk, raptor, or similar animal. This functions like the Beastmater Ranger's companion ability, except adding 1/2 your proficiency bonus for purposes of your companions statistics . If you already have an animal companion ability, instead double your proficiency bonus for purposes of your companion’s statistics. If the beast dies, or you release if from its bond, you can recruit a new beast by calling for the beast while spending 24 uninterrupted hours in the new companion’s home environment.
Optionally this is a feat and can only be taken if you have this background and are at least 8th level.

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