Saturday, March 8, 2014

Playing D&D Next

I finally got a chance to play the current beta rules for DnD Next.  There was an Elven Wizard, Dwarven Monk, Elven Ranger, Dwarven priest and myself, a Human Fighter.

We didn't have any combat, so I didn't get to use my maul, but I enjoyed the game immensely.  While Tony W.'s excellent game is technically DnD Next, it's as much a home-brew as anything else.

This was cool and I hope to play again soon.

I've been leary of the umbrella Proficiency bonus (even though I've argued for it for years), but like how it works.  Next seems to make Ability Scores useful and I found that it was easier to choose a class, because combat ability hinged on weapons, not on class.

It still takes about 15 minutes longer than I think it should to make a character though.

All in all, I am pleased with the current product.

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