Monday, November 11, 2013

In the Zone: Carcassmen for 13th Age

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I heard about this at Trey's From the Sorcerer's Skull, John from the FATE SF blog has come up with a cool community project inspired by the science fiction novel, Roadside Picnic and its 1979 film adaption, Stalker.


Often mislabeled as spiders, these predators are unsettlingly widespread throughout the Zones and completely terrifying. 
 Through an unknown process, roughly 15% of any carcass within a Zone is implanted with an egg and over an unknown period of time consumes the organs of the body and sprouts eight legs from the remains.  It then begins to hunt for it's next meal, where  it's unfortunate victims are then attacked by a dead dog or raccoon or even a bear...with spider legs jammed through the remains. 

Biologists within the Institute have noted that it's anatomy, hidden within and essentially using the carcass as an exoskeleton, is strikingly similar to a harvestmen, hence the choice of name. 

1st level [INSECT]
Initiative: +5

Pounce  +6 vs. PD —5 damage.
Natural 16+: Target is filled with fear (target cannot use the escalation die; hard save ends, 16+)

C: Lash out  +5 vs. AC —5 + escalation die damage.

What the hell is it and why does it stink so bad?The carcassmen uses the escalation die.

Fear Threshold: 15

AC  27
PD  17                              HP 17
MD 15

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