Tuesday, November 26, 2013

9th World: Rules Draft V1

Below is the Character Sheet (with rules) I used to run 9th World last night with my Numenera group.

It went very well.  Understand, I don't dislike the Cipher system, however for the type of game my players wanted this works far better for us.  And I won't lie, I really like the D20 System and especially the ArchMage Engine's iteration.

I'm hosting the PDF here and on the blog.  It's a work in progress and I'll probably flesh many things out further.

As it stands, if your Type, Descriptor or Focus apply to whatever your trying to do, add it to your D20 roll.  If you and the GM feel 2 or more apply, add a free point of Effort (1d6) to the roll, as well.
Players roll everything so if someone is attacking them, they roll their appropriate Defense vs the attack, generally 10+the Level of the Opponent.

Use ciphers exactly as they are written and use the their Level as the bonus to the D20 roll and if your type is Nano add it's total.

Thoughts, questions and feedback are appreciated.

This is a fan work and I have no desire to challenge the awesome creations of Monte Cook Games, Fire Opal Media or Pelgrane Press in any way.  This is merely a homage to their handwork, diligence and creativity.  I stand on the shoulders of titans.

The 9th World

Player ______________ Character _______________ Rank _____________

You may dd 1d6 per point of Effort spent to the total of any D20 or Damage roll you make.
Effort refreshes at the beginning of each session.

Effort _____________ d6

Distribute 8 points between Descriptor, Type, and Focus.

Descriptor (Adjective) _______________________ + Rank = ______

Type (Noun) _______________________________ + Rank = ______

Focus (Verb) ________________________________ + Rank = _____

Distribute 6 points between Armor Class, Physical Defense, and Mental Defense.
If your a Glaive add 2 to AC; Jack's add 2 to PD; Nano's add 2 to MD.
You roll the appropriate Defense when attacked, if you succeed they miss, if you fail they hit.

Armor Class _________ + Rank = ______

Physical Defense ______ + Rank = ______

Mental Defense _______ + Rank = ______

Glaive's start with 32 HP (+8 per Rank); Jack's and Nano's start with 24 HP (+6 per Rank.

Hit Points ________ Damage Taken _____________________

Light weapons do 1d4, Medium weapons do 1d6, Heavy weapons do 1d8.
Glaive's bump all weapon damage 1 die step, e.g. Heavy weapon goes from 1d8 to 1d10.
Add your Glaive total to any weapon damage, including from your Focus, if it applies.
Add your Nano total to any damage from Spells or your Focus.

Melee Weapon Damage ______________ Unarmed Melee Damage ______________

Ranged Weapon Damage __________________________________________________

Damage from Spells _______________________________________________________

Damage from Focus _______________________________________________________

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