Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Still Alive

First, sorry for the plethora of 30 Days of DnD as I get myself caught up.  I knew that I would need some motivation to get the blog back on track and it was the perfect motivation.

Gaming has been non-existent for me lately, I've had to back to back comic shows we set up at, Cincy Comicon and Cincinnati Comics Expo and now I'm prepping for this weekends Theros Prerelease Tournament for Magic: the Gathering.

The life of a comics and game store manage sure is glamourous...

I hope to get my 13th Age back on track and fit in some Numenera somewhere.  I have some people interested in trying it and have offered to run it for the Friday group at some point (though John W. just picked it up, so he might be contemplating running it, depending on my schedule, maybe there will be a spot for me).

I'm aching for some good horror fiction to read, so if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.

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