Wednesday, July 17, 2013

13th Age: Planescape Icons

While I've been focused on numerous things away from the gaming table, I've had lots of inspiration (figures, right?).

My inspiration for Planescape came from thinking about Rob Heinsoo's Icons in Shadowrun (and the idea of using 13th Age to run Shadowrun) and thinking about Cynosure from the Grimjack comics book series.  Basically, I had the idea of mixing multiple settings using the Archmage Engine.

In researching Cynosure, Sigil popped into my head and the idea of using the Factions as Icons just seemed natural.

Before the Faction War there were 15 Factions, and after their were only 11, so I needed to make some adjustments.  The Believers of the Source and the Sign of One eventually became the Mind's Eye, so now we're at 14.  I decide since the Free League doesn't have a factol I'd cut them out, as well.

So here are my 13 Factions as Icons for Planescape for 13th Age:


Mind's Eye

Bleack Cabal




Fraternity of Order



Revolutionary League

Society of Sensation

Transcendant Order


This is still a fairly rough outline, but I'm working it out slowly.  I will say Sigil would have areas of different tech levels (as inspired by Cynosure) but a sword will always work, where magic or tech might not.

Hopefully I flesh it out and even run it.

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