Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obscure Fantasy RPG Appreciation Day: Shades of Fantasy

Shades of Fantasy was written by a customer of mine located here, in Northern Kentucky.  I'm not sure how wide distribution was, but all three of our stores carried it and I bought up before I began working there.  The author, Steve Bode is an acquaintance of mine.

Here's the description from the back of the book:
"Inside you will find: * 40+ Character Occupations including Exorcists, Witch Hunters, Knights, Holy Knights (5 orders: Knights Inquisitor, the Grey Angels, Knights Imprimatur, Knights of St. Justinian, and Knights Macabre), Sturmguard, Vermitic Warlocks, Militant Wizards, Luminati, and many more! * 15 detailed Fantasy Races including the Fey Folk, Banruks, Gimnar, Nith, Ordrue, and more. Also included are human derivative races like the fey influenced Changelings and the half human, half demonic Devilkin. * 110 Creatures, 100+ Skills and Advantages, 130+ Spells, detailed Religions, a sample History, and Enchanted Items. Flexible rules for Character Creation. Innovative rules for Magik, Combat, Exorcism and Possession. Critical Hit and Fumble Charts, and much more! CONVERTS TO MOST POPULAR ROLEPLAYING GAMES"

I know the game was designed to fix the author's dissatisfaction for fantasy RPG's that were in print at that time.

I remember that some that tread some ground that DnD 3.0 would eventually tread and it was fun for several evenings for our group.

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brumcg said...

Hey... I remember that game! ;)

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