Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ironcloaks: Rumors of Jarlsburg [UPDATED]

Inspired by Jeff's Gameblog, below are rumors circulating around the city of Jarlsburg, the setting for my upcoming open table DnD Next Demo game, Ironcloaks.  Fair warning: Some of these may be true.

Roll a d20 or pick one:

1) Stanis Krauss has eliminated three different opponents who've run against him for mayor.

2) The Wight of Elder haunts the burough of the same name.  Those living in Elder, nail giant slugs  to their doors during the last night of the full moon to ward off the evil spirit.  

3) A witch woman in Coppertown steals young girls from their families.

4) The Black Dogg was shut down because the owner, Wil Veris, his family, staff and 11 patrons were all murdered by something in the sewers.

5) There are exactly 13 Silvercloaks patrolling the city.  No more, no less.

6) Deep below the Plaza of Remembrance lies a shameful secret that drove the dwarves to hand the city over to Council of Oleander.

7) A shop on Tanner Street pays 2 silver a pound for human skin.

8) There have been numerous reports of stillbirths amongst the citizens and animals within the city.  Many fear the Antiquarian has finally returned.

9) A gateway to hell lies under the Bridge of Night in Jubilee Park.

10) The pigeons of the city are spies for Lady Jesska Apple, Minister of the South.

11) Prime Minister Beladonna Malifaux uses the ghost of her grandmother, Antiope, to blackmail her enemies.

12) Lady Brianna Galley, Minister of the West, disposes of her enemies by using them as ingredients in dishes served at her son's restaurant, the Gilded Lily.  Don't eat the special.  Ever.

13) Old Minister Callahan's Statue in Crumb, weeps blood on the third Wednesday of the month.

14) The Witengamot has begun sewing dissent within the city.

15) The Council of Oleander has a sixth and secret Ministry of the Underworld.

16) A white dragon on High Street weaves the namesakes for the city's Silvercloaks and Ironcloaks.

17) Lord Karol Sonar, Minister of the East, was turned into a raven after losing a bet to Boccob.

18) Lord Donal Steuben, Minister of the North, has been urging the other Ministers to declare war on the Rurik Empire.

19) Students at Essex College are performing the King in Yellow for Mirren, the longest day of the year.

20) Someone tried to murder Adder Vitriol at Shemmy's Social Club.

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