Saturday, September 16, 2023

Marvel Super Heroes/FASERIP: Additional Damage Revised

I've revised my FASERIP Damage Bonus originally posted here

If the roll of a d10 is even you gain a +1 Column Shift per die and if your roll is a double and a success you gain +3 Column Shifts.

Example 1 - My roll is a an 81 so I gain a +1 Column Shift to damage since one of the dice is even.

Example 2 - My roll is a 64 so I gain a +2 Column Shift to damage since both are even.

Example 3 - my roll is a 95 so I don't gain a bonus to damage since both dice are odd.

Example 4 - My roll is a 77 so I gain a +3 to damage since my roll is doubles and it succeeded and even or odd doesn't matter.

That's it. It's fast and fairly straightforward.


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