Sunday, August 27, 2023

#RPGaDAY 2023: Day 16 thru 27

Game You Wished You Owned? This is tough. DnD popped into my head. HERO System/Champions too. Rifts. Savage Rifts is cool but I'd like to fix Rifts. It is my White Whale.

Funniest Game You've Ever Played? Tales of the Floating Vagabond.

Favorite Game System? HERO System. It's a like a language that I'm still fluent in.

Favorite Published Adventure? L5R's Tomb of Iuchi-Ban for 1st Edition.

Will Still Play in Twenty Year's Time? DnD most likely. Hopefully Savage Worlds and Dragonbane.

Favorite Licensed RPG? West End Game's Star Wars RPG.

Best Second Hand RPG Purchase? Villians and Vigilantes.

Coolest Looking RPG or Book? Castle Falkenstein RPG Hardcover.

Complex/Simpler RPG you Play? Complex is HERO System. Simple is Call of Cthulhu.

Unplayed RPG You Own? So. Damn. Many. Rifts.

Favorite Character Sheet? Vampire: The Masquerade's Character Sheets.

Game You'd Like a New Edition Of? West End Game's Star Wars. I appreciate the slipcase FFG did but I'd love for that line to come back.


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